Articles/Essays – Volume 6, No. 1

A University’s Dilemma: B.Y.U. and Blacks

1971: Brian Walton, “A University’s Dilemma: BYU and Blacks” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Vol 6 No. 1 (1971):31–36.

Brian Walton, the BYU student body president in 1969-70 wrote this article to adress race issues head on. During BYU’s 1969-70 academic year, because of the church’s policy of denying blacks the priesthood and temple blessings, there were numerous protests at sporting events. In addition, several schools severed ties with BYU for a time.One of the ways that he was able to accomplish that was to bring in a fact finding mission from the Univeristy of Arizona to identify potential racism at BYU by interviewing students.