Articles/Essays – Volume 05, No. 3

A Name and a Blessing

the father and his friends, holding 
the holy high priesthood and the infant, 
stand in a circle, facing each other, 
right hands supporting the baby—
rising, falling to gentle it—
left hands on the next near neighbor shoulder,
on the stand before the meeting of saints 
this fast and testimony Sunday; 

having forsaken food for thought, 
having sought for the companionship of 
the holy ghost (a spirit of promise), 
considering the creation 
of bodies (his, his wife’s and god’s) 
he is to name and bless, the father now 
closes his eyes to shut the world out, 
bows his head to see the child, 

begins talking with god into 
the microphone so the congregation 
may share revelation of fatherhead; 
like making an application 
he labels the frightened child, 
then plunges into blessing if the ghost 
lures him down, under forms and records to 
that silence of mind where spirit 
speaks freely in the depths of life, 
of deaths; and hears, searching experience 
for knowledge of this child that he may learn
to bless it, then asks father god 
to signify thru spirit he 
has found resources to impart by mind 
to help his child grow into resonance 
with the child jesus, the man christ.