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Women’s Response to Plural Marriage

Dialogue 18.3 (Fall 1985): 84–98
Mehr shares stories of polygamy in late 19th century and early 20th century. He especially focused on LDS women’s opinions of polygamy when they entered into polygamous relationsips.

Male-Male Intimacy among Nineteenth-century Mormons: A Case Study

Dialogue 28.4 (Winter 1995): 105–119
This was a prelude to his book-length treatment Same-Sex Dynamics in 19th C. America: A Mormon Example, that looked at “intimacy” broadly defined, before the rise of homophobia in the post-WWII period. It is a fascinating study of changing norms and practices that once allowed for a huge range of bonding practices between people of the same-sex. Quinn himself had come out in the course of researching this article and the book a few years before, and this work remains influential.

Mormons & Lineage: The Complicated History of Blacks & Patriarchal Blessings, 1830–2018

Dialogue 51.3 (Fall 2018): 83–129
The priesthood revelation of 1978 eased some of the tension when the apostles affirmed that Blacks could now be “adopted into the House of Israel” as full participants in Mormon liturgical rites. But this doctrinal shift did not resolve the vexing question of whether or not Black people derived from the “seed of Cain.”

Tiny Papers: Peruvian Mormon Substances of Relatedness

Listen to a conversation about this piece here. JACOBA:[1] I have my genealogical abilities, and I wield them as I see fit. JASON: And you saw fit to marry your son to Chalo’s daughter? JACOBA:…

Separate but Equal?: Black Brothers, Genesis Groups, or Integrated Wards?

Dialogue 23.1 (Spring 1990): 11–36
A history of Black LDS social groups and organizations. The Genesis Group gave African Americans a better chance to connect with fellow African Americans through frequent socials. The first group was founded in Salt Lake City. Even being based in Utah, they couldn’t depend on a lot of outside support from other members or Church leaders, which became isolating for them.