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For nearly two centuries, the Mormon tradition has produced a proud corpus of thought and culture. And for the last fifty years, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought has been the primary repository for the best of that tradition. Published four times a year, the journal is an archive of the faith’s best and brightest struggling with their doubts, exulting in their belief, and exploring the boundaries of their community. As individuals have attempted to find new ways to be both Mormon and Modern, Dialogue has provided the arena in which these conversations could take place.

There has never been a more important time for these discussions than the present. As custodians of Dialogue’s treasured content, we are anxious to help the work move even further along.

To meet this demand, and to build on the journal’s traditional responsibility to the Mormon community, Dialogue’s Board of Directors has made the decision to make all of the journal’s content free the moment it is published. This includes content from the immediate past two years’ issues, which have previously been restricted for premium subscribers.

And to better facilitate these conversations, we are proud to introduce you to our new website, redesigned to help you find all fifty years-worth of content at your fingertips. But more than just a convenient place for all past issues, this new website represents Dialogue’s shift to a more agile, digital space. All of our new articles, essays, sermons, fiction, poetry, and reviews will be immediately featured on this site, before being compiled and printed into our quarterly issues that comprise each year’s new volume. There will also be content housed solely on the website, including book reviews, short essays, and interviews. We hope this will be a hub for some of the best discussions concerning Mormonism.

While we are fortunate to be in a position to make this transition, making all our content free and digitally available, we are asking for your help so we can continue to do so for the next fifty years. While traditional readers can still subscribe to our quarterly journal, maintaining our commitment to print scholarship, we are also introducing a new donation subscription model that allows readers to pledge a particular amount per month to support Dialogue’s mission. This will enable those who have been blessed by the journal’s content to pass along the gift to a new generation of readers.

Please explore the subscription options, with their associated benefits, here.

In a world where news is seemingly fleeting, information is consistently contested, traditions are rapidly changing, and opinions are often divisive, Dialogue provides deep, thoughtful, relevant, and informed analysis that brings out the acme of the Mormon tradition. It publishes historical insight, cultural examination, and religious reflection, and seeks to answer the most pressing questions about being religious in the modern age. This has been the journal’s sacred responsibility for a half century, and it is ready to carry it on for another. We invite you to join us in that mission.

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