We start with a conversation on creative nonfiction by LDS authors, including memoirs and personal essays, featuring the reviewers Christopher Angulo, Lisa Van Ordam Hadley, and Adam McLain. Then a conversation between Theric Jepson and Andrew Hall about poetry, the literary journal Irreantum, and other recent Mormon literature.

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Creative fiction works discussed:

Christopher Bigelow. Acid Test: LSD vs. LDS

Charlie Bird. Without the Mask

Ann Chamberlin, Clogs and Shawls: Mormons, Moorlands, and the Search for Zion

Joey Franklin. Delusions of Grandeur

Eric Freeze. French Dive: Living More with Less in the South of France 

Carol R. Gray. Miracles Among the Rubble: Bringing Conveys of Humanitarian Aid, Hugs, and Hope to a War-torn Region

Patrick Madden. Disparates

Caitlin Myer. Wiving: A Memoir of Loving Then Leaving the Patriarchy 

Maleah Day Warner. Lies of the Magpie: A Memoir

Association for Mormon Letters 2020 Creative Nonfiction Award Finalists


Poetry works discussed:

Darlene Young. Homespun and Angel Feathers 

R.A. Christmas. Leaves of Sass

Colin B. Douglas. Into the Sun: Poems Revised, Rearranged, and New

Gabriel González Núñez. Ese golpe de luz

Michael Lavers. After Earth

Dayna Patterson. If Mother Braids a Waterfall

Dayna Patterson. Titania in Yellow

Sunni Brown Wilkinson. The Marriage of the Moon and the Field

Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry edited by Tyler Chadwick, Dayna Patterson, Martin Pulido

May Swenson. Collected Poems

Association for Mormon Letters 2020 Poetry Award Finalists

Association for Mormon Letters 2019 Poetry Award Finalists

Irreantum (Mormon literary journal)

A Desolating Sickness: Stories of Pandemic. An exhibit at the BYU library.  


2021 Association for Mormon Letters Online Conference, June 1-5