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  • Topic Pages: Book of Mormon Studies

    …exile, namely, after Lehi had reportedly left Jerusalem. The problem is that this text which didn’t exist until after Lehi was on a boat sailing to the New World somehow…

  • Dialogue Book Review Roundtable: Mormonism and White Supremacy by Joanna Brooks

    …similarly relies on two twenty-first century newspaper accounts ( Deseret News and New York Times ) for the lynching of miner Robert Marshall in Price, Utah, in 1925. She calls…

  • LDS Youth in an Age of Transition

    Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers (New York: Oxford University Press, 2005), a book Smith co-wrote with Melina Lundquist Denton, which reported on the ongoing National Study…

  • Book Review: Son of the Black Sword: The Saga of the Forgotten Warrior I

    …bestsellers list; its sequel appeared on the New York Times lists, as have subsequent books. His series include Grimnoir Chronicles, Dead Six (with Mike Kupari), and now The Saga of…

  • Review of Stephen Taysom, The Patheos Guide to Mormonism

    York to the World Exploration and Conquest: Migration, Deseret, and Utah The Modern Age: A Manifesto and Statehood CHAPTER THREE: BELIEFS Sacred Narratives: From Michael to Lehi Ultimate Reality and…

  • Book Review: Julie Berry's The Passion of Dolssa and Jeff Zentner's The Serpent King

    …center around Lydia, whose eagerness to leave behind their small town for the chic world of fashion in New York City post-graduation leaves Dill feeling hurt and betrayed. Told in…

  • Review: Stephen H. Webb’s Mormon Christianity

    …broader Christian tradition. ”The Mormon imagination is solidly grounded in material reality,” writes Webb, “but it takes the physical world to new and unheard-of heights” (10). Webb believes Christian lungs…

  • Transcript of Trib Talk: A new Mormon faith crisis?

    …in Claremont. Great to have you back on Trib Talk, welcome back. Patrick Mason: Thanks, Jennifer. Jennifer Napier-Pearce: And here in the newsroom, Collin McDonald joins us. He’s a physician’s…

  • A Woman Here

    …of themselves hold a certain irony. I can’t talk about women without talking about men. The etymology of the word “woman” shows that it comes from the Old English word

  • Topic Pages: LGBT issues

    …way into the world, but it ended up being a widely discussed piece and has been accessed tens of thousands of times. The public discussion about my ideas was both…