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  • The Mormon Therapist declares her "Official Stance on Masturbation"

    …come to her for advice. For instance, she finds that “unnecessary masturbatory shame and unmet attachment needs are at the core of most compulsive masturbatory behavior – becoming an unhealthy…

  • On Racism and the Mormon Church and Response

    …theology: its emphasis on corporeality and the anthropomorphized sacred. Unlike many nineteenth-century Protestants who wanted to avoid from the body (in spiritualism, for instance), Mormonism moved the body to center…

  • Review: James E. Faulconer's The Doctrine and Covenants Made Harder

    …volume), much of life consists in making living easier and more convenient, from public and private transportation to microwaves and instant communication. But we make a mistake when we think…

  • Review: Stephen H. Webb’s Mormon Christianity

    …see the bread and wine becoming the body of Christ as an instance of Jesus Christ consummating his material creation, whereas Mormons don’t localize it–all of material creation is already…

  • Book Review: Dream House on Golan Drive, by David G. Pace

    …Church. Lucy, for instance. Lucy comes into Riley’s life when she receives a revelation that she should live with the Hartley family. As Riley’s father’s teachings are part of the…

  • The Beam

    …in instants hammered around the clock’s face? And Space, is it what we find around us in our place, or “a symbol, suitably haunted, of the mind?” The mind: a…

  • Queer Bodies, Queer Technologies, and Queer Policies

    …in the handbook and how they affect specifically the LGBTQ+ community. Reproductive technology is already changing the landscape of gender and reproduction. For instance, such technology allows two cisgender women…

  • “A Style of Our Own”: Mormon Women and Modesty

    …trendy dresses, and a wide variety of clothing that meets the standards in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlets.   The first published instance of young women trying to…

  • Dialogue Fireside #2 w/Claudia Bushman

    …Columbia University and worked on church projects such as producing a concert in Carnegie Hall, installing (temporarily) a statue of Joseph Smith in the financial district, annually managing a living…

  • Topic Pages: Christian Holidays

    …can be instantly evoked by such small things as a scrap of tinsel or the smell of pine trees. 1986: Leslie Norris, “Christmas in Utah,” Dialogue 19.4 (Winter 1986): 87….