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  • Book Review: Scott Hales. The Garden of Enid: Adventures of a Weird Mormon Girl.

    instantiations). Watterson spoke to universals of a moment in time and beyond. My kids love it as much as I did. Recently, webcomics have become a noteworthy addition to the…

  • Book Review: For Time and All Eternities, by Mette Ivie Harrison

    For Time and All Eternities. By Mette Ivie Harrison. Soho Press, 2017 Reviewed by Heather B. Moore For Time and All Eternities is the third installment of the Linda Wallheim…

  • Book Review: States of Deseret, edited by Wm Morris

    …me it just felt lazy, particularly the instance of ascribing the quotes of modern LDS leaders to reimagined ones. The concepts were cool, but I found myself wanting more. A…

  • Book Review: Eric Freeze. Invisible Men: Stories.

    …evolved, from the high-pitched sing-song voice of the little girl in “Duplex” to the invincible Ice Woman who moans and demands while giving birth. In this instance, the invisible man…

  • Book Review: Three frontier-era novels republished and annotated

    …Austin and Parshall’s method of providing corrected spelling or punctuation in square brackets when the original contains an error. There were several instances in Dorian where it was unclear if…

  • Bushman on Friendship

    …of another conventioneer, David snapped out two titles. There was instant recognition. Had there been time there could have been conversation. Pauline Maier once said that for her the payoff…

  • Book Review: Mr. Mustard Plaster and other Mormon Essays, by Mary Bradford

    …the fact that much of her observations and criticisms still hold true today (her Sorensen article on the Mormon aversion to “difficult” fiction, for instance, is nearly fifty years old)…

  • Dialogue Out Loud #2: Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint

    …Loud” podcast, Blaire Ostler gives us a peek into her experience of standing at General Conference with a sign that says “Hug a Latter-day Saint.” For instance: “A gorgeous woman…

  • LDS Youth in an Age of Transition

    …2005. Souls in Transition looks at the same youngsters, now ages eighteen through twenty-three, as they transition into adulthood, a period characterized by complexity, confusion, and instability. The term used…

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