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  • The Original Length of the Scroll of Hôr

    …mummies were shipped to New York and then forwarded to maritime merchants in Philadelphia, where they were examined by medical doctors and exhibited in the Philadelphia Arcade. At some point,…

  • Dialogue Sunday School #14 w/ Michalyn Steele

    …Nation of Indians of New York. Professor Steele holds a B.A. (’92) and an M.A. (’94) in Humanities from BYU, with an emphasis in English literature and Native American studies….

  • New historical resources at JSP website

    Yesterday, at a news conference to which Dialogue was invited, the editors of the newly released Histories, Volume 1 teased that there would be a plethora of resources to be…

  • What Dialogue Means to People Like Me

    …are skeptical of easy answers. They accept that God’s word, whether it is found in ancient scripture or the words of modern prophets, is always mediated through the lens of…

  • Are We Still Mormons?: Mormonism in the Twentieth Century by James B. Allen and Richard O. Cowan

    …positive flourish: In the twentieth century the Church became, in a real sense, world-wide, as its membership spread beyond the isolation of the Intermountain West, and as other historical forces…

  • Book Review: Patrick Madden. Sublime Physick: Essays.

    …has already been said, or will be said long after, in words (even translated words) that sing” (58)—in “In Media Vita,” I thank him for giving me the words to…

  • Dialogue's Best of 2011 Awards

    …a good singing voice. It wasn’t quite what I expected. After watching him slap a pot a few times to the beat, I asked if he was a Southern Baptist….

  • Book Review: The Last Blessing of J. Guyman LeGrand and Other Stories, by Darin Cozzens

    …paddles rather than common acquisitiveness. The emotions of the characters—among them a man whose running suit matches his alma mater’s team colors, and whose chewing gum matches his running suit—are…

  • Topic Pages: Book of Abraham

    …Dialogue Issue 33.4 especially the following articles: Robert K. Ritner, “The “”Breathing Permit of Hor”” Thirty-Four Years Later” 91 – 119. In 1967, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New

  • Book Review: The Bible Tells Me So, by Peter Enns

    …who read the Bible carefully today are left feeling unsettled. The Bible contains strange accounts and contradictions—and not just in a few Old Testament laws but in the very picture…