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  • Patrick Mason on unmanned drones

    Board member Patrick Mason discusses the ethical responsibility of religious people in looking at unmanned drones for The Christian Century. He opines ” “The latest development in our capacity to…

  • Dialogue Out Loud #5: Ace of Saints

    …asexulity, beautifully narrated in this latest Out Loud. Here’s a snippet. ” I sat in my room, shaking, letting the same thoughts run around my head over and over. Worried…

  • Book Review: Matthew James Babcock. Heterodoxologies: Essays.

    …and look around us at the world and truly see. In the name of God. This isn’t the latest Sheri Dew or Gerald Lund—no, nothing that overt. These are other…

  • Publication Policy

    …Journal. non-exclusive permission to republish the Work in digital form through use of electronic storage and search capabilities (such as the Internet, or a DVD or other electronic media), or…

  • Dialogue Lectures #40 w/ Thomas Simpson

    …Jr., himself a product of the Columbia University Law School, gave a reactionary speech about young Mormons’ search for intellectual cultivation. Clark’s leadership helped to set conservative parameters that in…

  • Robert Leroy Parker on Family History: Butch Cassidy, My Brother by Lulu Parker Betenson ; In Search of Butch Cassidy

  • Dialogue Book Report #10: The best of 2020–Creative Nonfiction and Poetry

    …recent Mormon literature.   Creative fiction works discussed: Christopher Bigelow. Acid Test: LSD vs. LDS Charlie Bird. Without the Mask Ann Chamberlin, Clogs and Shawls: Mormons, Moorlands, and the Search

  • Dialogue Lectures #26 w/Patrick Mason

    …or misled, some struggle to stay. Some simply leave. Many people search for a reliable and faithful place to work through their questions. The abundance of information online can make…

  • What Dialogue Means to People Like Me

    …devout. They do not search for questions, and easily accept authoritative answers. Seeing God’s hand in their daily lives, they feel salvation is assured by clinging to the Iron Rod…

  • The Search for the Seed of Lehi: How Defining Alternative Models Helps in the Interpretation of Genetic Data