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  • Book Review: Daredevils, by Shawn Vestal

    …with paragraphs and chapters in the service of a whole whose shape knocks readers right out of unconsciousness, makes them alive, blasts their eyes open so they see the world

  • Book Review: A Not-So-Innocent Abroad. Way Below the Angels, by Craig Harline

    …standard door approach thus reads: “Hello Mevrouw, my companion and I are Americans, here in Belgium for two years as missionaries in order a message with people to share, and…

  • Book Review: Richard J. Mouw’s Talking With Mormons

    …Back in 2004, Zacharias’s historic Tabernacle address was overshadowed in the news by Richard Mouw’s controversial introductory remarks. Mouw, president of the Fuller Theological Seminary, issued an apology to Mormons…

  • The Gift

    …of the quay. One of the young men was in a whimsical mood. He talked a little too loudly—in English, Gerard thought, though Gerard did not know English well enough…

  • Social Media and Online Moderation Policy

    …that fostering conversation with a variety of viewpoints is crucial to critical engagement. Social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube) are used to share and discuss news, recent…

  • An Open Letter to the Dialogue Board

    …no doubt get a disproportionate share of attention. Nevertheless, Dialogue has an image problem that is a substantial barrier to participation by many younger Mormon intellectuals. Read the full letter…

  • Review: JSPP, Histories, Volume 1: Joseph Smith Histories, 1832-1844

    …This is an important point that also preps the reader for later chapters where scribes read (and write) their understanding and vocabulary back into earlier events. In my estimation, the…

  • The Epiphany by Melodie Jackson

    …X’s and O’s leave no room for breathing. #SayHerName I read once more. Before I could search for her existence in an all-consuming internet bar, my sister called. “Did you…

  • Book Review: Patrick Madden. Sublime Physick: Essays.

    …de Montaigne (you can read fifty of his essays right now on quotidiana.org), who famously wrote, “I have never seen a greater monster or miracle in the world than myself.”…

  • Board member Mike Austin looks at The Book Of Mormon Musical

    …if we change some things and break the rules and have complete doubt that God exists.” Nearly everybody in the play ends up inhabiting this world view. The Ugandan villagers…