Mormon Medical Ethical Guidelines

1979: Lester Bush, “Mormon Medical Ethical Guidelines” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Vol 12 No. 3 (1979): 97–107. Of all medical ethical guidelines published by the Church, those relating to abortion are the most emphatically stated. Offenders, be they doctor, patient, or abettor, are subject to excommunication.

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Intersexes in Humans: An Unexplored Issue in LDS Traditional Beliefs

Dialogue 12.3 (Fall 1979): 107–113

In the Fall 1979 issue, an LDS evolutionary biologist wrote a really important piece, ahead of its time in some ways, challenging the idea of binary gender in his article, “Intersexes in Humans: An Introductory Exploration.” Duane laid out the problem clearly—we can’t say that sex is binary by divine design when it is not binary in nature.

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