Dialogue Gospel Study December 11 with Neylan McBaine

October 25, 2022

Neylan was the co-founder of Better Days 2020, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of women first voting in Utah (the first women to vote in the modern nation) and the centennial of the 19th Amendment through education, events and the arts. Neylan’s previous marketing experience includes in-house positions at Silicon Valley companies as well as advertising agencies (including a role in the “I’m A Mormon” campaign), and she is currently the owner of a small software company called Duet Partner that serves independent music teachers.

Neylan has been an important voice in Latter-day Saint and Utah women’s advocacy for over a decade, first as the founder of the Mormon Women Project, a non-profit dedicated to mobilizing Latter-day Saint women by telling their stories and exploring opportunities for increasing their voice within the church institution. Neylan’s book Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact, which explores possibilities for increased female participation in LDS administration, has been called “a monumental piece of work,” “pivotal,” and “a remarkable resource that belongs in every Latter-day Saint home.” Her work has been anthologized in The Essential Writings of Mormon Feminism, and several other compilations.

Neylan’s most recent book, PIONEERING THE VOTE: THE UNTOLD STORY OF SUFFRAGISTS IN UTAH AND THE WEST, came out in August 2020 (Shadow Mountain) as part of the Better Days 2020 celebration of the Utah and national suffrage anniversaries. Neylan is a graduate of Yale University, mother to three daughters, and lives in Salt Lake City.

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