Submission Guidelines

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Dialogue accepts submissions of articles, personal essays, short fiction, poetry, book reviews, and sermons. Submissions published in Dialogue, including letters to the editor and brief notes, are covered by our Publication Policy, under which the author retains the copyright in the work and grants Dialogue publication permissions. By submitting work to Dialogue, authors agree to these terms of publication.

Submissions should be under 9,000 words and follow the Chicago Manual of Style. A brief Style Sheet prepared by the Dialogue copy editor is provided for convenience. A quick guide to citations in Chicago style can be found at the Chicago Manual Online site.

Evaluation procedures vary by category.

Articles are reviewed by at least two experts in the subject area of the paper. Authors’ identities are not disclosed to reviewers, and reviewers’ identities are not disclosed to authors. Because locating qualified reviewers in sometimes narrow subfields of Mormon studies can be difficult, and because this review is performed by volunteers, review can take up to twelve weeks. Once their review is completed the editor and editorial board will consider the referees’ recommendations and make a final decision to accept or reject a paper, and the editor will tentatively schedule publication and inform the author. However, initial acceptance should not be understood as a guarantee of publication in a certain issue–Dialogue reserves the right to adjust publication schedules based on space available and other considerations.

Personal Essays are evaluated by the editor, a member of the editorial board, and a third reviewer of the editor’s choosing. Please allow 12 weeks for this reading process. Final acceptance or rejection decisions will be made by the editor after considering the readers’ recommendations. Once accepted, essays will be scheduled for publication within one year.

Poetry is evaluated jointly by the Editor and the Poetry Editor. Send up to five pages of poetry per submission. Because it sometimes takes us several weeks or even months to respond, please let know if you decide to place it elsewhere.

Fiction is evaluated by the Editor, the Fiction Editor, and another editorial board member. Because we publish a maximum of eight stories each year, the review process for fiction is longer than for other kinds of submissions. Authors should allow the usual twelve weeks for an initial evaluation, but scheduling publication may take significantly longer. We regret the inconvenience to authors, although we find it difficult to mourn a superabundance of good stories!

Book Reviews on books relating to Mormon Studies, Mormon culture, or religious topics that might be of interest to Mormons (and we hope that is an enormous category!) are welcome. Reviews are evaluated by the Editor and Book Review Editors. Book Reviews selected for publication may appear either in print or on the website (or both), depending on timeliness and space available in the print journal.

Sermons from any denomination are welcomed, and are evaluated by the editor and an editorial board member. Publication decisions are generally made within 8 weeks.

Submit your work here.