50th Anniversary Gala Tickets

ccafa0d4-0f8c-4882-a4db-b4e7ae8e7833Join us to honor a cherished and essential Mormon institution on its historic 50th anniversary. Thanks to many generous sponsors the entire cost of the Dialogue 50th Anniversary Gala is covered. Your $150 ticket purchase goes directly to support Dialogue’s continuing legacy.




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Edward L. Kimball

I first heard about Dialogue when I was teaching at the University of Wisconsin. Some graduate students there had drawn me into helping with a similar attempt at a periodical about Mormon life. Our magazine, “The Carpenter” folded after just four issues, and I wondered if Dialogue would suffer a similar fate. But now it has been 50 years and Dialogue is still going strong. I have been a faithful Dialogue reader for all of those 50 years. I have appreciated the depth that Dialogue has brought to the discussion of the Mormon experience and Mormon history. And I used the opportunity  to contribute to Dialogue myself.

Klaus Gurgel

I have very positive thoughts about Dialogue and am a longtime subscriber. I would love to see the journal publish more on the geography of Mormon culture.

Ron Tenney

Screenshot 2015-12-30 at 9.45.25 PMThe thirst I develop living in the barren desert is quenched four times a year by Dialogue. There is always something that makes me think and inspires me to dig deeper.

Donald R. Snow

I was a student with Gene England at Stanford when Dialogue got started and have been a subscriber since the first issue. It's been a major help in all these years.

McKay Adams

Dialogue's articles and essays have been a source of intellectual engagement with Mormonism for me since I was 20. Thanks!

I wouldn't be who I am today without Dialogue. I am glad the legacy continues. Keep all the good work going!

It kept me in the Church for 25 years.

Steve Mayfield

Loved the challenges and controversies it dealt with in the 60s and 70s. I had a seminary teacher (in Califonia) use it to teach church history - loved the early issue with Armand Mauss' article on Blacks and Priesthood and his radio debate with Lester Kinsolving (heard the debate live!)

Patrick Mason, Board Chair

145076874572496Dialogue is entering its Jubilee year – can you believe it’s been five decades? We have many debts to pay to our founders and all the authors, poets, and artists who have made Dialogue so special over the past fifty years.

Marylee Mitcham

Screenshot 2015-12-30 at 9.35.25 PMDialogue gave me a moment in the sun when it published my essay AND made me the cover artist at the same time. It truly was an overwhelming moment of my whole life. Thank you everyone.




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