Dialogue Gospel Study #52 w/Ramona Cutri

October 15, 2021

Ramona Maile Cutri (she-her) is an associate professor of teacher education at Brigham Young University. In her teaching and research, Ramona promotes intellectual and emotional engagement with diversity and inclusion as an integral part of recognizing the structural and individual nuances of equity, power, and oppression. Teaching online and with TikTok are her favorite! She has served as a Relief Society and Young Women’s president multiple times, as a bishop’s wife once (hardest calling ever), but her favorite calling is Girls’ Camp cook. Ramona joined the Church at 12 years old and without a doubt has experienced the healing power of Christ’s atonement. A few of the mantras that empower her enduring activity and commitment to the Church are, “I’m not going to let the a$$holes run me out of the Church” and “If someone doesn’t like how I am doing my calling or my work at BYU, then they can fire me!”