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October 3, 2016

In other words, being gay doesn’t change a person’s character, integrity, or worth. If our dialogue about LGBT Mormons doesn’t teach us any more than this, we will have come a long way. — Bob Rees

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Getting Out” by Ben Christensen
Homosexual Attraction and LDS Marriage Decisions” by Ron Schow
Thoughts of a Therapist” by Marybeth Raynes
Staying In” by Ben Christensen
2009: Proposition 8 Roundtable, Dialogue 42.3, (Fall 2009): 99–132.

Six Voices on Proposition 8: A Roundtable Introduction” by Russell Arben Fox
Two Modes of Political Engagement” by David Watkins
The Church’s Use of Secular Arguments” by Kaimipono Wenger
How We Talk about Marriage (and Why It Matters)” by Robert K. Vischer
An Evangelical Perspective” by Lindsey Chambers
The Political Is Personal” by Mary Ellen Robertson
Four Reasons for Voting Yes” by Russell Arben Fox


2011: Taylor Petrey, “Toward a Post-Heterosexual Mormon Theology,” Dialogue 44.4 (Winter 2011): 106–141.

Dialogue Podcast #3 with Bob Rees and Caitlin Ryan
Dialogue Podcast #4: Examining with Bob Rees, Bill Bradshaw and Mitch Mayne


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