Finding mutual respect in healthy ways

May 13, 2015

Wow. This may be the most tangibly useful episode of a Mormon-related podcast I have ever heard. The vulnerability present in this conversation is incredible. I think this is so useful to listen to.

This comment on the new Mormon Matters podcast titled “Mutual Respect: Creating Healthy Relationships When Loved Ones Choose a Different Faith Path” featuring Chelsea Shields Strayer in dialogue with her parents Eric and Heidi Shields.
Faith-Again_8-May-2015-300x168Held live in the home of Mark and Elizabeth England on May 8, 2015, they discuss how “Their journey together during this time has been painful, but their relationship has ultimately grown stronger and continues to unfold in rich ways. How have they managed this feat? What has this journey felt like to each of them? What mistakes have they have made along the way? What are the key moments, insights, or shifts in perspective that have allowed them to draw closer and stay committed to remaining continually open with each other?”