Editor Kristine Haglund on PBS Newshour

November 12, 2014

2014-11-12 14.04.55Editor Kristine Haglund is featured in the PBS NewsHour segment “In releasing history, Mormon Church grapples with origins and polygamy.” Watch the video or read the transcript of her remarks.
Here’s a snippet:
KRISTINE HAGLUND: Well, it’s important to remember that Mormonism is a young faith as religions go.
And so I think for the last decade or so, there’s been an increasing recognition that just controlling the message and carefully limiting the amount of information that people have won’t work anymore in the Internet age. There’s been much more openness among scholars about these difficult questions.
And, at the same time, there’s been more vocal and more public dissent from people who now can publish their questions and their angry discoveries online. And so there’s just better communication on all sides about these questions. And so that, coupled with more attention from outside, from pop culture, “The Book of Mormon” musical, from “Sister Wives,” all the media attention around those pop cultural productions, and then of course Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency have put Mormonism in the spotlight and also I think given Mormons more of a sense of how they are perceived in America.”