C.S. Lewis and Mormonism, Mormon Matters Podcast

March 6, 2013

cs-lewisIn this new podcast “C.S. Lewis and Mormonism,” Book Review Editor Blair Hodges joins Mormon Matters host Dan Wotherspoon and other panelists Mahonri Stewart and Katie Langston to discuss “Lewis’s life and writings and impact both in religious conversation at large as well as in their own lives. Especially within their own lives and spiritual journey.”
The first episode “introduces Lewis’s life and writings and connections with broad themes and to what extent he has been quoted in LDS writings and General Conferences and/or has become a Mormon by proxy. Short answer: not as much as we may have thought.”
While the second episode “continues the LDS connection, asking just how similar is his theology to Mormon thought before the panelists share some of their favorite and most-powerful-to-them insights from his work.”
For more on C.S. Lewis and how he influences Mormon thought, see Blair Hodges’ Dialogue article “‘All Find What They Truly Seek’: C. S. Lewis, Latter-day Saints, and the Virtuous Unbeliever