The Mormon Therapist declares her "Official Stance on Masturbation"

August 6, 2012

“Masturbation is not sinful behavior in of itself nor is it a transgression. God has created us as emotional, spiritual, intellectual and sexual beings. He has created these capacities in the context of both relational purpose and self-sufficiency. Meaning we are social creatures – meant to thrive in relationship with others. At the same time, we are also individual creatures – and when not able to be in relationship have capacity to meet our own needs for certain periods of time depending on age and developmental stage.” –The Mormon Therapist just declared her “Official Stance on Masturbation.”
Her entire piece is worth a read as she expounds on her reasonings, professional findings and even personal experiences of those who have come to her for advice. For instance, she finds that “unnecessary masturbatory shame and unmet attachment needs are at the core of most compulsive masturbatory behavior – becoming an unhealthy coping skill used in times of stress and discontent.”
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