Terryl Givens on Parley P. Pratt (November Miller-Eccles Lecture)

November 8, 2011

Terryl Givens will wax eloquently on early LDS apostle Parley P. Pratt as the featured speaker at the Miller-Eccles Study Group this weekend.
DATES: November 11 (Villa Park) and November 12 (La Canada – Flintridge).
TIME: 7:30 p.m.

From the Miller-Eccles site: “We are excited to announce that our November 2011 Miller Eccles speaker will be Terryl Givens, who will speak to the topic of “Parley P. Pratt and the Unveiling of Mormonism.” Dr. Givens’ new book, which he co-authored with Matthew Grow, and which was published by the prestigious Oxford University Press, is titled Parley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism, and is destined to become the definitive treatment of this fascinating early Church leader. As put by Pulitzer-prize winning author Daniel Walker Howe, “The authors’ fascinating narratives of Pratt’s worldwide adventures, multiple marriages, and eventual murder will make this book welcome not only in the academic community, but among all those with an interest in early Mormon History.”
Parley P. Pratt set the agenda for early Mormonism in more ways than one. He was instrumental in forging the themes of the Restoration, the print culture through which the gospel was taught, and the tone of first generation apologetics. It might be said that all three—themes, media, and tone—were essentially a reflection of his own conflicted character. Terryl will discuss the relationship between Parley the man and Parley the writer, as well as what was lasting and what wasn’t lasting about his influence.”
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