Welcome to Dialogue!

October 19, 2011

Welcome to Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought

What is Dialogue?
The Dialogue journal has been around for over 40 years (45!) providing an important space for the independent exploration of Mormonism from a broad range of perspectives.
Dialogue continues this legacy by expanding online with new and free content, making available (and free!) most of its rich archives, staying abreast of contemporary news and events, sharing thought-provoking essays and discussions and much more.
Click for more: read Editor Kristine Haglund’s vision for Dialogue at “From the Editor.”
Why Dialogue?

  • Because the field of Mormon Studies is rich and rapidly expanding.
  • Because people need opportunities to discuss, debate, and (the pun is inevitable) dialogue about Mormon issues.
  • Because Dialogue is not afraid to explore, to doubt, to dispute, to review, to testify, to express, and to inspire.

Click for more: read Eugene England’s, one of the founders of Dialogue, essay “The Possibility of Dialogue.”
Where is Dialogue?
The Dialogue journal began at Stanford University, and has made its editorial home on both coasts, and many points between over the years. The business office is currently located in Utah, and the journal is physically printed in Minnesota, but Dialogue’s reach extends internationally as authors and subscribers communicate electronically from all over the world.
Dialogue’s current editor, Kristine Haglund lives in Boston, but also bounces from coast to coast (and seemingly everywhere in between) to promote Dialogue as well as to keep a pulse on the ever-expanding field of Mormon Studies.
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Who is Dialogue?
Dialogue is a conglomeration of brilliant people, both Mormon and not, both online and off, both past and present, who are interested in furthering the Mormon Studies conversation. If you are someone who loves Mormon-flavored theology, history, politics, faith, art, literature, poetry, personal essay, and more join the “who” of Dialogue.
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How can I become a part of Dialogue?
Subscription to the journal opens up the entire Dialogue print world including online access to all past articles and puts a beautiful journal filled with crisp, contemporary content in your hands four times a year. You can also subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on twitter, check us out at Facebook, keep checking this site for updated content and news, purchase Dialogue products, or, if you are feeling generous, donate to help continue Dialogue’s legacy for years to come.
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